Features and Benefits

We help limo service businesses differentiate with unique loyalty and referral strategies tailored to make customers feel valued.

All-in-One - Loyalty and Referral Program for the Chauffeur Service Industry

Loyalty Points and Rewards

Keep customers coming back and increase customer lifetime value with smart combinations of points and rewards that fit your business.

  • Award points for each completed trip.
  • Allow customers to access rewards from anywhere.
  • Use points and rewards to re-engage customers.

Meaningful and Engaging Interactions

Engage customers as they go with personalized loyalty notifications and emails that keep them up to date and your limousine service business top of mind.

  • Encourage visits to your website.
  • Alert customers to available rewards.
  • Reach members on the devices they use.

Personalized Loyalty Experiences

Increase program engagement with fully-customizable components visible at every step of your customers’ journey.

  • Customize your program to fit your brand’s visual identity.
  • Build your own loyalty program.
  • Differentiate your business.

Turn Customers Into Your Most Loyal Advocates

Reward your existing customers, acquire new ones and guide their behavior in meaningful ways. Offer rewards in return for reviews, referrals and social media sharing.

  • Proactively guide customer behavior
  • Reward customers for the actions you want them to take.
  • Increase brand loyalty.

Use Data to Power Your Loyalty Program

Use valuable insights to steer your loyalty program in the right direction. Understand your customers’ unique behaviors and show them you care about their needs.

  • Optimize the performance of your loyalty program.
  • Focus your efforts on the most valuable customers.
  • Identify customers at risk and win them back.

Key Features

Points and Rewards

Set points earning rules and allow your customers to earn points for the actions you decide.


Allow customer to easily send referrals and increase customer advocacy by rewarding referrals.


You choose how you want your loyalty program to look to match your brand.

Data and Insights

With real-time statistics and insights, you can continually optimize your loyalty program.

Premium Features

Explore and use the latest innovations on your loyalty program to increase its overall effectiveness.


You can integrate the loyalty program with your existing marketing tools.


Easily communicate and engage with your clients with personalized messages.

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